Vihaba’s philosophy is centered in being a realizable and high-capacity supplier of agricultural products and handicrafts by providing superior value to our customers and suppliers as well. In doing so, we have created our own underlying philosophy for environment, customers, suppliers, employees.

For Environment

Vihaba strives to promote environmental management, and each one of our employees uses their own knowledge and skills to contribute for better environment. Vihaba will continue to be a company respected and trusted by society with its core value of environment-driven business development.

For Customers

Vihaba has always determined to develop and implement the customer-centricity model into its operation. Each individual of the Vihaba community has been trying its best to meet customer’s requirements and even provide added value for our customers.

For Suppliers

At Vihaba, we believe that working effectively with our suppliers in a true spirit of partnership is a key success factor, since we count on our supplier to help meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. Therefore, we constantly strive to build and develop close business relationships with suppliers and intergrade them into our supply chain management.

For Employees

Human resources has been in Vihaba’s core values from the very first days of our establishment since we believe that nothing would be achieved without devoted staff resources. At Vihaba, we provide our staff with constant on-the-job training and regular training programs in order to keep them updated with changes coming from the market and customers. Moreover, bonding activities and events have been organized on regular basis in order to build mutual understanding among them, which then lays a firm foundation for working consistently towards company’s goals.